Wargaming with LEGO.  Such a simple statement…but with profound implications.

Take the coolest toy ever invented.  Combine it with an awesome gaming genre, and you have the makings of much fun.

While there are several cool implementations of wargaming with bricks out there, this site is dedicated to to my own attempt at creating a game that uses LEGO and LEGO compatible pieces…BattleBrik!


“BattleBrik : The Ultimate LEGO Warrior” is a tactical miniatures board game that pushes the envelope of the LEGO Games line into new strategic territory. Influenced by Ninjago, The Deadliest Warrior TV show, HeroScape, and other games, this game will allow you to finally find out who the Ultimate Warrior of your LEGO minfig collection is!

The base game comes with all the dice, tiles, cards, and basic warrior parts needed to quickly start your battles. Players can also purchase “Warrior Packs” (similar to existing Ninjago blisters) or make custom warriors from their existing minifigures.

Players outfit their warrior with weapons and armor, build and balance their Skill & Gear dice, construct a Strategy deck of cards….then face off in the customizable arena!

Game play is fast and furious, with both tactical and strategic decisions. A Basic game and an Advanced game are provided so it can be played by all ages and experience levels. Since it can be described as “Easy to Learn, but Hard to Master”, it will keep both the casual beginner and grizzled wargamer engaged.




LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this game.

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